Thursday, 14 June 2012

Abitacolo Ostile (2006-2011) - CD
Limited to 150

Following his recent work on Porter Records, (etre)’s Abitacolo Ostile (2006 – 2011) melds many years of collaborations into a stunning single form. With many, many different artists gracing the record – from Fabio Orsi, and Gianluca Becuzzi, to Maurizio Bianchi, and Valerio Cosi - the ambience that blossoms is both familiar and a new escape. Walking along the beach at night, the droning crash of the waves takes a welcome seat next to a jazz band improvising in the distance, before they hang up their equipment and let the subtleties of speech take the limelight. The very nature and structure of this piece makes it one that is hard to categorise but no less exciting.
Like a jigsaw, each unique sound and vision joins together to form one complete and beautifully uniformed picture.
Abitacolo Ostile (2006 – 2011) is the perfect swansong for Privileged to Fail records, and is limited to 150 digipaks.
Previous reviews of (etre)'s work:
Paradoxically, this might bring the listener to an extraordinary experience, as the small spaces between the sound-layers seem to open into deep abysses, the effect hitting like a spectral ton of bricks.   - Dusted reviews

More so than any other release I’ve heard recently, Inferno From My Occult Diary is a dense, complex work which reveals much on repeated listens.  I hear different things every time I listen, and it’s all fascinating.  This is a powerful work reflecting on oppression and humanity, and I can’t recommend it enough.   -  Foxy digitalis
It requires a bent mind in a weird mood to become simpatico for these soundscapes from Italian artist Salvatore Borrelli, but at the right moments they can be hypnotic, or disturb your typical listening patterns.   -  emusic

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